Greta Farm Tennis


Greta Sport Club is a beautiful club house and 6 indoor tennis courts at Pattaya in Thailand, each one is completely covered by a roof to maximise the use of a tennis court by protecting the players from the sun and a too strong light to read the trajectory of the ball.

The courts are located in an oasis in the middle of which is placed a clubhouse where you can meet the members in a friendly and cozy atmosphere. Other facilities like swimming pool, gym, spa, beach tennis courts are available for club members and their guests.

For tennis court surfaces, Greta Sport Club chooses the Plexipave system, rated by the governing body of the game, the International Tennis Federation (ITF) as category 3. This hardcourt surface has been used by major tennis tournaments.
Considered by many to be the best combination of consistency-of-play, pace and footing. Standard Plexipave provides a consistent and reliable medium-pace playing surface.

The courts can also be used in the evening through lights that guarantee 500 lux. Lighting of covered courts is uniform and glare-free and provide adequate visibility of the ball for players.

To become members, contact us at tennis(@)