Greta Coffee shop


Greta Coffee is an independent and locally owned coffee shop closed to Pattaya at Najomtien that opened in 2015.

We pride ourselves in bringing the best coffee we can to Pattaya area.  We also offer a daily assortment of fresh baked goods and home made cakes. Our specialities are the best cake with a meringue, the fruit cake, the chocolate cake, the strawberry or blueberry cheesecake, the brownie, the orange cake and coconut cake.

You can order also pancake and waffle with chocolate or raspberry jam.

For anniversary or special events, please choose our excellent cakes and order it at least 24 hours before your event.

The menu is also available including a variety of dishes such as spring rolls, french fries, tuna club sandwich and chicken wings

A kid’s area and garden offer to the children opportunities to play games and jump on a trampoline.

Greta Coffee is opened between 9am and 6.00pm in a week day and 7.00pm in the week-end.

Enjoy your fresh coffee in a very relax atmosphere at Greta Farm.

Hope to see you soon.