Beach tennis Pattaya Thailand

beach tennis pattaya thailand


The best Beach Tennis courts in Thailand are located at Greta Sport Club near to Pattaya since 2015. 9 courts are opened : the surface is done with a high quality of sand. The with lights providing more than 300 lux give the posibility to the players to play in evening.

Beach Tennis is easy and fun to play ! This sport can be played by all ages and all playing abilities – a perfect way to spend time with your friends and family.

Beach Tennis was born in Italy in 1978 and joined the International Tennis Federation in 2008, this is a recent sport in Thaïland and Greta Sport Club promotes it by organizing regular tournaments and training players.

The best Thai players including the national team use regularly these courses. Greta Sport Club is a partner of Lawn Tennis Association of Thailand and organises tournaments with profesional players along the year.  The first tournament in 2015 was a G1 with the presence of the best players in the world. In 2017, 9 tournaments has been organised by our team and 12 additional ones are planned in 2018.

Every month, you can attend also a local tournament for junior, women, men and mixed categories.

An academy of Beach Tennis is available for all levels of players. The method of training has been created by Allessandro Calbucci one of the best beach tennis player in the world.

How to play ?

Each court is similar in size to a beach volleyball court with 16 meters long and 8 meters wide. The net is 1.70 meters height.
The score is like tennis except, you have only one serve, no let and no advantage after deuce.

The game is mainly played between double teams. Single can be played with a narrow court (4,5 or 5 meters wide)
At Greta Sport Club, you can play triple teams, a friendly option to integrate beginners.

To become members, contact us at beachtennis(@)

1 visit : 250 baht per person

Our courts rental prices :
300 baht per hour per court (6 am – 6 pm)
200 baht per hour for electricity

Racket (paddle) rental fees : 100 baht per racket

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